Liver & Kidney Cleanse: Purification & Detox Supplement

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Liver and Kidney Cleanse

Liver & Kidney Cleanse is a Rehmannia formula intended to support liver and kidney detoxification, and weight management.

Keeping your liver and kidneys functioning optimally is essential to your overall well-being. This supplement supports the kidney purification process which helps neutralize toxins and free radicals.

It bolsters cellular antioxidant defenses by neutralizing free radicals which enhances liver support. Liver & Kidney Cleanse helps maintain desirable body composition.

Cleanse your body and feel more energetic, boost vitality and reach your weight management goals.


Why Detox?

  • ✅ Neutralize Toxins
  • ✅ Boost Energy
  • ✅ Enhance Your Vitality
  • ✅ Weight Management


Key Ingredients


Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia Root (Rehmannia Glutinosa), also known as Shu Di Huang, boosts liver support by helping it regenerate liver cells and replacing damaged cells which maintains liver functions. Keep your liver happy and working efficiently.


Chinese Yam Rhizome

Chinese Yam Rhizome (Dioscorea polystacha), or Huai Shan, supports kidney detox by helping the kidneys filter toxins away from the nutrients your body needs. Protect your kidneys by bolstering their defenses against everyday toxins.


Kousa Dogwood Fruit

Kousa Dogwood Fruit (Shan Zhu Yu) can help you reach your weight management goals when used with diet and exercise. Kousa Dogwood is native to East Asia and has been traditionally used to maintain liver functions.

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Information & Suggested Use


  • 90 capsules.
  • Comprised of all-natural ingredients.
  • Free of fillers, preservatives, and artificial coloring.
  • Made in the USA.

Suggested Use

  • Take 1 capsule three times daily.


Rehmannia Root, Chinese Yam Rhizome, Kousa Dogwood Fruit, Poria Mushroom, Peony Bark, Oriental Water Plantain Rhizome, Phellodendron Bark, Costus Root, Chrysanthemum Flower, Achyranthes Root, Mulberry Mistletoe Stem, Eucommia Bark, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Amomum Fruit.

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