Digestive Health

Certain foods and foreign toxins can cause your digestive system to function poorly. Nature’s Health Digestive Health supplements give you the nutritional support for a healthy digestive process. Shop the items below and find out how Nature's Health can help you reach your digestive health goal today.

  • Wormwood: Artemisia Annua Herbal Supplement

    Wormwood: Artemisia Annua

    Artemisia Annua: Digestive Health Supplement Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia Annua), also known as Sweet Annie or Qing Hao, supports your digestive system. Wormwood contains Artemisinin which maintains normal digestive functions and helps detoxify the...

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    Self Heal Prunella Vulgaris Extract Herbal Supplement

    Self Heal: Prunella Vulgaris

    Prunella Vulgaris - Essential Wellness Supplement Self Heal (Prunella Vulgaris), or Heal All, boosts your immune system. It kick-starts the body’s response to foreign matter and neutralizing free...

    Red Sage: Salvia Miltiorrhiza

    Red Sage: Salvia Miltiorrhiza

    Salvia Miltiorrhiza Supplement Red Sage Root (Salvia Miltiorrhiza), also commonly known as Dan Shen, promotes heart functions. In combination with a low-sodium diet, Dan Shen keeps blood pressure at...

    Notoginseng: Panax Notoginseng

    Notoginseng: Panax Notoginseng

    Blood Circulation Supplement Notoginseng Root (Panax Notoginseng), also known as San Qi or Tienchi, with its main constituent notoginsenoside, maintains cardiovascular functions. It helps reduce bad...

    Liver & Kidney Cleanse: Rehmannia Formula
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    Liver & Kidney Cleanse

    Detox, Cleanse & Wellness Supplement Liver & Kidney Cleanse is a Rehmannia formula intended to support liver and kidney detoxification, and weight management. Keeping your liver and kidneys...

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